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Discover independent jewellers: The best emerging and established independent jewellers in one place

Celebrating independent jewellery design

Pearls & Pomegranates is a collective of wonderful independent jewellery designers and makers. Each of the jewellers we work with is carefully chosen to be part of the Pearls & Pomegranates community. They’re all talented, experienced, and highly skilled. They create timeless jewellery pieces using precious fair mined or recycled metals and beautiful ethically sourced gemstones that are handcrafted in small batches or are made to order.

Pearls & Pomegranates's directory of British independent jewellers

Buy from independent jewellery designers and makers who share your values

In the directory below you’ll discover your next favourite independent jeweller from our curated collective. You can find sustainable jewellers from Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, London, and cities all over the UK. Once you’ve found them, it’s only a click to explore their whole collection and stumble upon a design with which you deeply connect.

You’ll find collections that celebrate the calm of the oceanfocus on warmth and connection, and are inspired by 16th-century Memento Mori jewellery. Each piece is as unique as the designer themselves.

Even more than beautiful jewellery, you’ll find our Pearls & Pomegranates community care deeply about the planet and their mark on it. Our directory is made up of sustainable jewellers who specialise in rustic, handcrafted fair mined gold and recycled silver jewellery, who incorporate natural materials as much as possible, and those who create timeless pieces with a low environmental impact.

April March

Founded by Sarah Brannagan and based in Brighton and Hove, England, UK

Ara the altar

Founded by Lauren King and based in Manchester, England, UK

Claire Hibon

Founded by Claire Hibon and based in London, England, UK


Founded by Edward Xu and based in London, England, UK


Founded by Xinyi Chen and based in London, England, UK


Founded by Rachel Adam and based in Dundee, Scotland, UK

Frances Kirk

Founded by Annie Niekirk and based in London, England, UK

Ines & Litza

Founded by Ines Gerard Cuesta and based in Loire Valley, France

Jo Wood

Founded by Jo Wood and based in London, England, UK

Kitty Joyas

Founded by Kitty Fuller and based in London, England, UK

Lily Flo

Founded by Diana Sherling and based in London, England, UK


Founded by Alice O'Neil and based in Norwich, England, UK

Lunar James

Founded by Arianne Wijdeveld and baded in London, England, UK


Founded by Montserrat Alonso and based in London, England, UK

Madeleine Holloway

Founded by Madeleine Holloway and based in Birmingham, England, UK


Founded by Sarah Bellinato and based in London, England, UK


Founded by Pinar Kaya de Biasio and based in London, England, UK

Ray Makes Things

Founded by Ray Chami and based in London, England, UK

Ruaridh Litster-Campbell

Founded by Ruaridh Litster-Campbell and based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK


Founded by Sarah Ruddock and based in London, England, UK


Founded by Hannah Royce-Greensill and based in Bristol, England, UK


Founded by Luisa Howe and based in Cambridgeshire, England, UK

Sustainable handmade jewellery that does more than look good

Proudly sustainable, ethical, independent jewellery

Together with our community, Pearl & Pomegranates creates positive environmental and societal change. It’s one of our core values.

The independent jewellers who are part of our curated collective care about more than gorgeous, contemporary design. Every single independent jewellery designer and maker cares deeply about the planet and their impact on it—we work with vegan, ethical, and sustainable independent jewellers. We know you care about making a difference to the environment, and we do too. Read more

Ethical jewellery

Our customers can choose to make a charity donation at checkout

Vegan jewellery options

Jewellery made with fair-mined materials

Pearls & Pomegranates donates 5% of annual pre-tax profits to charitable causes

Our jewellers must submit supplier confirmations on joining us to prove any sustainability claims they make are true

Sustainable jewellery

We are in a longstanding partnership with Bioconservancy, a non-profit organisation based in Colombia that conserves the rainforest

For each sale made through Pearls & Pomegranates, we donate 20m² of Colombian rainforest

Our community of independent jewellers is committed to using recycled and recyclable materials for jewellery, packaging, and
promotional materials

Most of the sustainable jewellery crafted by our independent jewellers is handmade to order, reducing waste

Inclusive and diverse

Pearls & Pomegranates is a female-founded UK-based small business

We empower female business owners and most of our independent jewellers are women

We are committed to racially diverse representation in promotional images

29% of our jewellers are ethnically diverse

We prioritise supporting UK-based small business owners

How we support our independent jewellery designers and makers

A creative community, a curated collective

In creating the Pearls & Pomegranates collective, we intended to gather the best ethical independent jewellers in one place. We knew it would make it easier for you find them, and it would streamline the sustainable jewellery industry. We’ve done exactly that. And, we’ve done more.

Members of our creative community have access to our support services, including marketing, photography, and PR. We support them with business development, meet ups, mentorship, and advice on becoming more sustainable. We’re proud to have cultivated a culture of feedback and collaboration within our community.

Founder and director Natalia Kübler tirelessly seeks industry collaborations and sponsorships, and has been invited by Bright Young Gems to contribute five memberships as part of their award scheme alongside John Lewis and the National Association of Jewellers.

Pearls & Pomegranates exists to effect change in every way we can, not just for our customers and the planet, but for our community of independent jewellers too.

Meet our independent jewellery designers and makers

The faces behind our independent jewellery brands

The exceptional work of the independent jewellers in our community span a wealth of designs and styles meaning you can find the perfect jewellery piece to convey your personality, your love, your memories, and your values.

Independent jeweller in London

Jo Wood

British independent jewellery designer Jo Wood explores the human experience and relationship with nature through Earth casting, the experimental casting technique used to create each piece in her debut collection, 'Touch the Earth'.

"I make jewellery because human connection to jewellery is as deep rooted as our connection to nature," says Jo.

Every piece of handcrafted jewellery by Jo Wood is unique; while they often relate to each other, no Jo Wood jewellery piece is the same as another.

Independent jeweller in Manchester

Ara the altar

Ara the altar is based in Manchester and embraces the slow fashion movement.

Ara the altar is characterised by made-to-order adornments. Each jewellery piece is created from 100% recycled sterling silver and gold. Lauren King, the founder and lead designer, explains: "I aim to tread lightly whilst creating eternal pieces that give the wearer a conscious connection with the beauty of our only planet".

Independent jeweller in Brighton and Hove

April March

April March is a proudly sustainable and independent jewellery brand founded by Sarah Brannagan. With April March, Sarah aims to develop an independent jewellery business that is the antithesis of her experiences in the high street jewellery industry, where she began her career.

Sarah was alarmed by the questionable ethics and lack of accountability surrounding the fast fashion industry. She began April March with the aim to be part of the change rather than the problem.

Independent jeweller in London


Chinese independent jewellery artist Xinyi Chen, founder of EÈ CHAN, creates fashion pieces that wander the boundary between the physical and the digital. Being sustainable is imperative to the brand. "We are living in an age of waste," says Xinyi. "I hope people could return to this Earth’s reality from the virtual, rethinking what it means to live in this rapidly changing world and reflect upon the essentials of who they are."

Independent jeweller in London


Maalo is a truly sustainable independent jewellery brand. Their pieces are handmade either by Montserrat Alonso herself in London or a small team of skilled artisans in Mon's hometown in Mexico.

"Jewellery is part of a person's identity," says Mon, "and the longer you wear a jewellery piece, the more history it builds."

All of Maalo's pieces are made from ethically-sourced, recycled sterling silver and gold, or fair trade gold and gemstones—fair trade being a vital pillar for Maalo. All Maalo jewellery is crafted in small batches to avoid the unnecessary waste caused by mass production.

Independent jeweller in London

Lily Flo

Diana Sherling, London-based jewellery designer and goldsmith, creates pieces to empower women. The Lily Flo style consists of beautiful, dainty pieces, but without compromising the provenance of the materials.

Diana only uses recycled metals and vintage or lab-grown gemstones, ensures there is no toxic waste in their in-house production, and sources from innovative suppliers to create their recycled packaging.

Caring about the planet, caring about the look

Beautiful handmade jewellery with no compromises

Discover anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, engagement rings, congratulations gifts, Christmas presents, a treat for yourself, Mother’s Day gifts, wedding rings, and sentimental gifts.