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Ruaridh Litster-Campbell

Handmade in Glasgow, Scotland

Ruaridh Litster-Campbell is a multidisciplinary artist based in Oban, Scotland, who enjoys the longevity and storytelling capacity of jewellery. He is most famous for creating the art installation 'The Bathman', a sculpture of a man in a bath that resides on the rocks in Loch Melfort.

Ruaridh's jewellery-making process begins with creating miniature sculptures out of wax before transforming them into durable metalwork cast in brass and silver. Characterised by a faux-naïf style that is heavily dependent on line and colour, his designs are inspired by the motifs and figures found in his sketches, sculptures, and paintings—expect vibrancy, exaggerated expressions, and accented shapes.

While Ruaridh's jewels are fun and raucous, they still encapsulate a humility that can only be felt in an object that has quite literally been brought to life in someone's hands.

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Handmade by Ruaridh Litster-Campbell

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