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Join us in making the world an even more beautiful place, one sustainable jewel at a time

At Pearls & Pomegranates, we enjoy working with jewellers who share our commitment to charity and sustainability. Our ethical and environmental consciousness drives our vision of sustainable jewellery created with the smallest possible impact.

Our Mission is to create timeless heirlooms made with sustainable metals and gemstones that you can treasure forever. That’s why we work with conscious jewellery makers who endorse slow production, use ethically sourced, recycled, or reclaimed materials and share at least one of our seven Mission Pillars.

Ethically sourced and made

Jewellery crafted with recycled, fair-mined and ethically sourced materials

Handmade by independent jewellers often made to order to reduce waste

Vegan jewellery options

Our jewellers must submit supplier confirmations on joining us to prove any sustainability claims they make are true

Giving back

We have partnered with Bioconservancy, a non-profit organisation based in Colombia that conserves the rainforest. Each order saves 20m² of Colombian rainforest

Pearls & Pomegranates donates 5% of annual pre-tax profits to charitable causes

Our customers can choose to make a charity donation at checkout

Inclusive and diverse

Pearls & Pomegranates is a female-founded UK-based small business

We empower female business owners and most of our independent jewellers are women

We are committed to racially diverse representation in promotional images

29% of our jewellers are ethnically diverse

We prioritise supporting UK-based small business owners

My values concerning ethics and the environment inform every business decision ... Careful considerations are made at every step of the production process, and thereafter, to manage the entire journey of an Ara the altar piece.

– Lauren King, founder of Ara the altar

We conserve 20 square metres of Colombian rainforest for every order

When building the idea for Pearls & Pomegranates, Natalia, our founder, was keen to use the business as a platform for change. Her mother is Colombian and so creating a positive impact in her country of heritage is central to this objective. With this in mind, Pearls & Pomegranates hopes to conserve areas of the Colombian rainforest in partnership with Bioconservancy, a research and conversation organisation that operates in the cloud forests of the western Andes.

Why don't you just plant a tree?

While planting a tree is often considered the best option for carbon neutrality, in Natalia's eyes, it just isn't good enough. There is no guarantee of the tree's lifespan, when it will be planted, or how well it will be looked after. Many 'plant a tree' schemes are difficult to keep accountable or work through agencies so you don't know where the tree is planted.

Natalia wanted to go direct to the source and buy the land under the tree to ensure Pearls & Pomegranates has the best possible impact.

How did you organise this?

After deciding that the best option to have a positive impact is to buy the land itself, Natalia sought to find the perfect organisation to work with. She did some research and found Bioconservancy, a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2005 by Luis Mazariegos, PhD.

Natalia tracked down Luis to schedule a call and together they planned the partnership. Luis has firsthand knowledge of the problems that Andean ecosystems face and their importance for the survival of many endangered species, so by working with him, we can ensure we have the best possible impact.

How does your partnership work?

Donations are made to Bioconservancy ever January based on fulfilled purchases made in the previous year. Bioconservancy uses the donations to purchase land with the intention of keeping it wild or returning it to the wilderness. The land may have previously been used for activities like agriculture and mining.

Bioconservancy, led by Luis, conserves the biodiversity of Andean ecosystems through research, education, the participation of the community, and the establishment of protected areas.

About: Bioconservancy protects Colombian rainforests

As a non-profit organisation, Bioconservancy focuses its efforts on conserving the biodiversity in the cloud forests of the northwest Andes of Colombia. The foundation supports and executes scientific research, environmental education, and conservation activities through four main objectives.

Objective 1

Support the research of endangered species, biodiversity, and natural ecosystems in the northwest Andes of Colombia.

Objective 2

Acquire and protect critical areas for conservation to rebuild connectivity between forest fragments focusing on those that have natural water sources.

Objective 3

Establish conservation programmes with local communities in areas where they impact important ecosystems to promote responsible use of the land.

Objective 4

Establish partnerships and agreements with national and international entities for the conservation of biodiversity.