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How to propose with a temporary engagement ring

How to propose with a temporary engagement ring

Why two rings are always better than one

The engagement ring is, in many ways, the most important purchase a proposer will make. That includes your first home, your car, and your wedding cake.

It's a piece of jewellery that will be squealed over for many weeks, months, and potentially years. It may be handed down to future generations and will almost definitely be worn everyday for a long time. So you've got to get it right, right?

Not necessarily.

Here at Pearls & Pomegranates we love the idea of a temporary engagement ring. We believe in peace of mind, bespoke pieces, and The One (engagement ring). For that reason, we suggest a temporary engagement ring for the engagement event so that you and your partner can then choose your full-time design together. We've put together this guide to help you choose the right temporary engagement ring for your partner's lifestyle and taste. 


A temporary engagement ring for care-givers

Does your fiance(e)-to-be work in a hospital or school? We understand that choosing a beautiful but practical engagement ring for a doctor, nurse, teacher, or carer isn't an easy assignment. Claws and high-set diamonds don't usually make for a piece to pass a sensible dress code. This is what makes the temporary engagement ring a perfect solution for those with more practical professions.

The temporary ring can serve a dual purpose. It can be the ring you propose with and also the ring they wear to work. We recommend choosing a plain band with no gemstones to pass potential sector regulations but you could consider something with interest such as a wave, groove, or graduated form.

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A temporary engagement ring for adventurers

Adventurers might love a more statement engagement ring design but may also be after something practical. When trekking through rainforests and summiting mountains, a top-of-the-range diamond engagement ring may be better left safe in its box, but that doesn't mean a ring cannot be worn and loved for these adventures. 

For adventurers we recommend a temporary engagement that can be picked up for travelling the world. A bezel-set gemstone works well as there are no claws to catch against gloves or environmental surfaces and the gemstone is least likely to become loose—it's the most secure kind of stone setting out there. A smaller diamond or coloured gemstone works well as it is a less eye-catching option. A bezel-set solitaire ring works perfectly.

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A temporary engagement ring 'with a twist'

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A temporary engagement ring for minimalists

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A temporary engagement ring for fashion girls

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