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Recycled silver statement chain and chunky rings by Jo Wood and recycled silver bridal hair pin by Ara the altar

Chunky gold and silver jewellery

Handmade, sustainable pieces that never go out of style

There’s a reason chunky jewellery is everywhere. With celebrities wearing it on the red carpet, and designers loving it on catwalks, chunky jewellery is predicted to be popular into 2023 and far beyond.

Chunky necklaces, earrings, and rings work for the wearer on so many levels. From day-to-day wear, to levelling-up an evening look, chunky jewellery is chic, contemporary and so easy to wear. 

Pearls & Pomegranates’s partners care deeply about design and defending the environment. Not only will your chunky jewellery look fantastic, but it’ll be making a difference too. From recyclable packaging to replenishing the rainforest, each purchase with Pearls & Pomegranates positively impacts the planet.

Chunky rings

Wearing a single, eye-catching chunky ring allows your jewellery to be the highlight of your outfit. Or, if maximalism is more your style, stack multiple rings, perhaps in different metals and textures, for ultimate impact.

Chunky earrings

Perfect for special occasions, chunky earrings give drama to your outfit, especially when the wearer has short hair, or pinned-up hair. Smaller, solid-looking studs or hoops are simple, stylish, and are great for everyday wear.

Chunky necklaces

Bring in a masculine energy with a boxy, chunky gold or silver chain, or pair it with a more delicate necklace for contrast. Chunky collar necklaces can be both classic and edgy, and layering with longer chains makes a bold statement.

Model wearing multiple stacked gold chunky rings

Chunky gold and silver jewellery

Chunky gold and silver jewellery: How to style 2023’s most popular jewellery trend

Chunky jewellery is a stylish and contemporary trend that has shown no sign of slowing since it first emerged in 2020. While designers offer completely unique interpretations of the chunky jewellery style, having larger, thicker, solid-looking accessories in precious metals is an unanimously loved look.

Perhaps it’s because the pieces look high- end and expensive, or perhaps it’s because chunky jewellery makes such a bold statement, but it’s popular for a reason. Fashion houses and magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue all indicate chunky jewellery will continue to be a top 2023 accessory style.

With Pearl and Pomegranate founder Natalia Kübler’s expert advice on how to style chunky jewellery, it’s time to make this stunning trend work for you.

  • Make a statement: when to wear chunky jewellery
  • Maximum impact: layering chunky gold and silver chains
  •  Keep it simple: chunky, classic studs and hoops
  • Timeless texture: add interest to your outfits with chunky jewellery

Make a statement: when to wear chunky jewellery

Some people can be unsure where it’s appropriate to wear chunky jewellery. Is it suitable for the office? Or for a night out? The simple answer is- wear it wherever you want to.

Your style should not be dictated by someone else, it’s a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. So, if you fall in love with a piece of jewellery, and it brings you joy, then wear it.

Chunky rings are a great example of this. They’re so versatile- from organic designs, to refined, classic, elegant, or funky. Worn every day, or for elevating an evening look, they work on so many levels.

Everyday chunky rings

“Everyday” doesn’t mean boring. Chunky rings can be worn in multiple environments, with lots of different outfits, and they always look great. The Touch the Earth range of chunky silver rings are a great example of this. The natural inspired design comes in a small width (1.0), medium (2.0), and large (3.0).

Their chunky size means they’re durable to wear every day, and their simple “cast” design means they go with everything- there’s nothing to clash, no specific fashion trend, no colour. It’s pure, simple silver, in a striking design.

Wearing just one makes a statement, or you could wear multiple rings from the same range for a maximalist vibe.

Extra special chunky rings

A large or statement chunky ring makes an outfit look put together and finished.  It’s the perfect accessory for a night out, a wedding, or another special event.

You could opt for wearing multiple rings from the same designer, such as this Bespoke gemstone signet ring, Indudumo ring, and Latido ring, all from Maalo. or select one statement piece to be the highlight of your ensemble.

The Shell chunky ring, available in both silver and gold, is a superb example of chunky jewellery which can be worn alone, or it could be worn with the matching earrings.

Maximum impact: layering chunky gold and silver chains

One of the reasons chunky jewellery works so well is because it’s so adaptable and customisable. We see this most with chunky chains. Start with your favourite bracelet or necklace and see how it elevates your outfit. They’re not delicate and small, easily lost in your sleeve, collar, or hair. Chunky chains grab attention. They can be worn alone as a statement piece, and they can be layered for a maximalist look.

Chunky bracelets

Pearls & Pomegranate bestselling chunky bracelets include the gorgeous Organic bracelet featuring large oval links, and the lovely Cilesi bracelet which has smaller, textured circle links. They’re both sturdy enough for everyday use, but special enough to be the perfect accessory when you need to dress- up. Wear one as a classic statement, or lean in to a bolder, more maximalist look by layering with a thinner, more delicate bracelet chain.

Chunky necklaces

These principles are the same for chunky necklaces: one chunky necklace is a timeless statement, whereas wearing multiple necklaces gives a youthful, maximalist nod.

There’s a slight variation, however. A necklace can be “chunky” for two reasons: the chain itself can be thicker and more solid- looking and / or the pendant can be heavy and bold.

For example, within the Rollo collection there is a gorgeous chunky pendant on a thinner chain. This can be worn alone, layered over a shorter collar type necklace, or with other longer necklaces. An Initial pendant, with its solid-looking letter, works especially well with necklaces of different lengths.

A shorter chunky necklace, such as the Organic chunky chain is an elegant option. It sits beautifully on the collarbone and works so well with multiple necklines styles. Worn alone they make a classic statement, or, worn with chains you can achieve a layered, decadent look.

When selecting your necklace style, think about the neckline of the garment you’re wearing. Chunky necklaces are, by their design, made to be seen. Wear an open neckline, or something with a simple style so the necklace is fully visible. Make your chunky necklace the focus of your outfit. You want to avoid your clothes competing with your accessories.

Wear it all?

Buying a whole collection of chunky jewellery means you have so many options for wearing it. If you’re feeling a timeless, classic vibe, wear your favourite statement piece from the collection- a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring, and nothing else.

If you want your look to feel curated and well put- together, select two pieces from the same collection, such as the ring and the earrings. This will show you’ve intentionally chosen your accessories.

On days when you want to go for a maximalist style, layer up the chunky jewellery collection. For this look, more is more, and the sheer volume of the accessories is what makes the look so bold. The Rollo range is a great example of this, with multiple matching options within one gorgeous collection. The Organic range works so well too.

Keep it simple: chunky, classic studs and hoops

If you want to incorporate chunky jewellery into your everyday style, you might want to opt for smaller pieces which work with multiple outfits.

These Marta Twist earrings are beautiful. They’re chunky, yet small. They’d work in an office environment, or out for a Sunday lunch with family, or on an evening with friends. They’re available in both recycled gold and silver. Whether you’ve got long or short hair, small, chunky earrings will work perfectly.

These lovely Ear huggers have a timeless, versatile feel, as do these super classic black Colour Pop hoop earrings.

For weddings, black tie events, and special occasions chunky jewellery also works well. It makes a statement while also being stylish and on- trend. And All That Jazz pearl baroque drop earrings come in both gold and silver and scream “red carpet”.

Chunky jewellery can be refined and classic, edgy and stylish, or natural and organic. This chunky Mona ear cuff is striking and makes a statement, while retaining a fluid, natural shape.

Timeless texture: add interest to your outfits with chunky jewellery

“Chunky”, you might think, refers only to the size of the jewellery, but it can also refer to texture. Jewellery can be eye- catching, bold, and solid- looking, with texture too.

These lovely Bobble earrings, for example, have chunky little balls attached to the hoops, adding detail and texture to your look. These are chunky but are not overly large. Likewise, the unusual Fibula hoop earrings have the solid appearance of a chunky pair of hoops, and they have a geometric, slightly angular texture.

Melt signet rings have a beautiful surface texture. The sturdy little ring has a traditional signet shape, but instead of the highly polished finish, there’s an alchemic, unique texture which is both impactful and attractive.

Big textures in jewellery means it’s not just size and shape which adds impact, but the texture catches the light too.

And, that’s how to style chunky jewellery!

If elegant and classic is your style:

  • Keep it simple by pairing plain, elegant clothes with chunky jewellery to make your accessories the highlight of your outfit.
  • Wear monochrome shades, or neutral tones, so the gold or silver stands out.
  • Keep the shapes and silhouettes of your garments simple and the structural nature of chunky jewellery will be the most eye- catching.
  • Accessorise intentionally, with specific, timeless pieces from the same collection.

If your style, on the other hand, is more bold and youthful, chunky jewellery will still work so well. A wardrobe full of pattern, texture, and colour gives a superb foundation to experiment with chunky accessories. Layering chunky jewellery will compliment your style, especially if you wear clashing or complementary collections. Don’t be afraid to mix metals and just have fun with it.


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Pearls & Pomegranates is an ethical and sustainable jewellery brand based in the UK. We partner with talented independent jewellery designers and makers to make the world a better place.

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