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Guest article: Watery minerals—the art of drawing precious and semi-precious gemstones

Guest article: Watery minerals—the art of drawing precious and semi-precious gemstones

Observational drawing is the basis of all art, firstly because it teaches us to take notice, and secondly, to find an equivalent 2D expression for a 3D world. Pencils are great for that; you can draw anything with an HB pencil.

But by developing abilities in an opposite way of working, there is so much more that can be accomplished. Not only for the sake of variety, but also for the improvement of your preferred practice. In the 2D world, my preference is for line and form. My self-inflicted challenge to paint gemstones in watercolour, required shape and mass.

The most hardened of inanimate objects have an inherent beauty, and it doesn’t take too much to see that elements and minerals are at the top of food chain. Working with what you value conceptually, is what will make your art ‘sing’. I had to give each of these watery minerals their personalities, their histories, and for us, a relationship with them. Portraits, really.

Whether making 2D, 3D, or time based art, we want our pieces to reach out to people where they are. Accuracy, creating an emotional connection, and knowing when to leave good alone are the guiding principles. I’ll work on a piece until it beckons me over, invites me to linger, and enjoy its company.

About Evelyn Rowland

Evelyn Rowland is a fine artist who creates gemstone-themed gift stationery, especially for online jewellery sellers. Each of Evelyn's ribbons, cards, and bookmarks feature hand drawn precious and semi-precious gemstones—from old-cut bright diamonds to dazzling watermelon tourmalines.

Evelyn's journey into the world of jewellery and gemstones began behind the antique display counters of David Jackson Jewellers Ltd, in Watford High Street. She then worked behind the trade counter of a bullion dealers in Hatton Garden before working towards her fine art degree.

"Now," says Evelyn, "I create painted gemstones that gather together on gift stationery, in the service of those who have one of the best jobs in the world."


I: @getdrawnin.evelyn


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