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5 of the best places to buy from independent jewellery designers online

5 of the best places to buy from independent jewellery designers online

Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind statement necklace or a dainty friendship bracelet, navigating the many jewellery shopping websites on Google search results can be time-consuming and confusing. It's often difficult to find the perfect jewellery piece to treat yourself with or gift to someone special.

We've combed the internet to bring you five of the best online jewellery destinations to satisfy your jewellery shopping needs. Keep reading for our suggestions to buy sustainable, fun, and handcrafted jewellery.


1. Best for sustainably handcrafted jewellery from emerging brands: Pearls & Pomegranates

Pearls & Pomegranates online jewellery shopping landing pagae

We might be biased but we couldn't not include ourselves. Pearls & Pomegranates is a curated online marketplace for buying jewellery from the best British independent jewellers. Our jewellery partners are based across the UK, from London to Bristol and Glasgow to Brighton.

We choose our independent jewellery partners carefully, selecting to work exclusively with those who handcraft their pieces personally or with a small local team. Many of our jewellers prioritise sustainable and ethical craftsmanship and create on a made to order, slow fashion basis. You can also shop according to your values, such as vegan, sustainable packaging, and reuse and recycle.

Discover Pearls & Pomegranates's range of independent jewellery here.


2. Best for fun luxury jewellery from established independent designers: Liberty

Liberty online jewellery shopping landing page

Working at Liberty in the summer before I started university is when I first fell in love with selling jewellery and it's where the idea for Pearls & Pomegranates was born. There's magic in the jewellery hall at Liberty—the department store showcases a range of eclectic designs from some of the most innovative jewellery designers in the world. Expect colour, glamour, and fun shapes from designers including Marie Lichtenberg, Andrea Fohrman, and Roxanne First.

Shop Liberty's jewellery collections here.


3. Best for unusual craftcore jewellery from homegrown jewellery businesses: Etsy

Etsy online jewellery shopping landing page

Etsy is where new small jewellery businesses launch. It's where customers can access literally millions of products from tiny businesses with founders who make in their kitchens. Try polymer clay statement earrings adorned with rainbows and polka dots or charm drop earrings featuring cute shapes.

Shop jewellery at Etsy here.


4. Best for statement jewellery designs from unknown global artisans: Cult Mia

Cult Mia online jewellery shopping landing page

Cult Mia curates a global collection of independent designers across clothing, bags, jewellery, and shoes. Cult Mia's scouts scour the internet for one-of-a-kind designs and excellent craftsmanship, bringing together artisans from across the fashion industries. Their pieces are extraordinary, exciting, different, and destined to start conversations.

Shop jewellery at Cult Mia here.


5. Best for a range of jewellery design styles at multiple price points: Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger online jewellery shopping landing page

Wolf & Badger sources beautiful clothing, accessories, jewellery, homeware, and beauty products that are expertly handcrafted by independent designers and makers. Their ethos lies in innovation, sustainability, and quality, curating thousands of products from across industries to offer a range of designs and price points. Jewellery at Wolf & Badger ranges from new brands with founders who make at home to more established businesses.

Shop jewellery at Wolf & Badger here.

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