Recycled gold pear pendant and midi hoops by Ara the altar, recycled gold stacking ring by Jo Wood, and brass signet ring by Lunaflux

A curated collective and marketplace of sustainability-led independent jewellery makers and designers

Pearls & Pomegranates brings together a selection of the best emerging and established independent jewellers in the jewellery industry.

We've done the work for you to curate high quality, beautiful designs by craftsmen and women who make themselves or handcraft in collaboration with a small, local team.

Pearls & Pomegranates was born to disrupt a very traditional and very fragmented industry

Did you know there are over 4,500 specialist retail jewellery and watch businesses in the UK? And those are the ones Companies House knows about—there are many more talented jewellery sole traders and hobbyists who create the most exceptional designs. So, where do you even begin to look if you're after an expertly crafted, beautiful jewel?

You might choose to scroll social media or one of the many multi-vendor, endless-number-of-products marketplaces. Yet this is a time-consuming endeavour as it's so so difficult to find the dainty pendant destined to float daily on your neckline or the perfect showstopping chunky ring to bring out for special events.

Well now you have Pearls & Pomegranates—no more endless scrolling on the lookout for the perfect piece. Instead, navigate easily through our jewellery-specific website to discover the most gorgeous, unusual, high-quality rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Recycled gold unusual signet ring by Jo Wood, recycled gold braided stacking ring by Ara the altar, brass and black enamel signet ring by Ruaridh Litster-Campbell, and brass signet ring by Lunaflux

We're sustainable and ethics-led by conception

Our entire business model is built on the ambition to create a positive social and environmental impact.

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Customers can shop by their values, such as with jewellers that donate on purchase, vegan jewellery, and fair mined materials

Your values are important to us and so we've made it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

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Socially mobile and inclusive

We work with our jewellers to even the playing field and help them thrive in an industry dominated by a few big players with endless marketing budgets.

We are female and ethnic-minority founded with a jeweller population that is 89% female and 26% ethnically diverse. We pledge racial diversity in all photoshoots and promise to work towards an ever-more diverse jeweller population.

Sustainability champions

We support our jewellers to embrace sustainable business practices by helping them move to recycled and fair mined materials and connecting them with one another to share sustainable practices.

We also go above and beyond to promote designs that are made to order, wrapped in sustainable packaging, and made from recycled materials, with 70% of our marketing budget dedicated to these pieces.

Saving the rainforest

Through our partnership with Bioconservancy, we purchase and conserve 20 square metres of Colombian rainforest for every order. This land is returned to the wild and protected from agriculture, mining, and other exploitative activities. Not only does this protect the biodiversity of the region, it also reduces our carbon footprint.

Natalia, our founder, is half-Colombian and so giving back to her country of heritage was always top of the agenda.

Our founder has worked in the jewellery industry since 2015 and is a chartered accountant with a management consultancy background

Natalia Kübler, the founder and creator of Pearls & Pomegranates, came up with the idea when selling jewellery in London-based luxury department stores in 2015. She was shocked at how so many jewellery brands functioned in isolation, shrouded themselves in secrecy, and were difficult to discover.

Natalia then set herself on a path to create the best jewellery buying experience possible. She studied Liberal Arts at university, which gave her an understanding of multidisciplinary art movements, design tropes, and craft before joining a management consultancy firm to become a chartered accountant and learn from the best minds in business. All the while working part time in independent jewellery boutiques or completing jewellery courses and attending industry events to keep an ear to the ground.

Then, during one of the many COVID lockdowns, she felt it was time to begin creating Pearls & Pomegranates. What you see today is the product of focus groups with jewellers, ongoing feedback from customers, and a lot of hard work.

I invite you to join our community of conscious jewellery lovers and explore our beautiful collections to find your next favourite piece of wearable art.

Natalia Kübler, founder of Pearls & Pomegranates