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Petite Fraise

Handmade in London, England, UK

Maria, the founder of Petite Fraise, is inspired by the thought of bringing a touch of magic into the everyday. From her studio in London, the Italian designer researches techniques, experiments with new designs, and creates handcrafted jewellery with passion and love.

Petite Fraise is characterised by elegant and refined pieces that are accented with dreamy, magical, and sometimes mystical influences. Inspired by nature and our Earth, Maria creates talismans that embody the cosmos and the universe, the beautiful moon, and different cultures—both ancient and modern—across the globe.

"For me, Petite Fraise is about making brave free spirits feel confident and magical," she says.

Maria primarily uses traditional metalsmithing techniques, building her unique designs using brass and sterling silver, and embellishing the metals with freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, and glass beads.

Petite Fraise is currently taking a break from creating jewellery but you can still shop from all our other wonderful independent jewellers.

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