5 timeless jewellery pieces to gift on Mother's Day

5 timeless jewellery pieces to gift on Mother's Day

Treat the women who inspire you this Mother's Day. Discover the perfect gift for your mama, your mama's mama, a new mama, a mama-to-be, and all the women who support you.


1. ENLACES Latido rose quartz earrings

Model wearing rose quartz silver statement earrings

I bought these rose quartz earrings for my mama this Mother's Day. I chose the pair with a chain but they're also available in a classic hoop design. These drop earrings are handcrafted by Montserrat Alonso, founder of Maalo Jewellery, from recycled silver in her London studio.

I love them because while they make a statement, they're versatile enough to be dressed up and down. I know Mama Pearls & Pomegranates will be wearing these in restaurants, at family events, and while running errands for years to come.

Shop rose quartz statement drops by Maalo >>



Peridot gemstone gold ring by Lunar James

The BIRTHSTONE Ring by Lunar James is available in peridot, white topaz, and citrine and is handmade by the brand's founder, Arianne Wijdeveld, in her London studio.

Lunar James was created after the birth of Ari's baby boy, James. The love she felt for him spurred her to follow a longtime dream of launching an artisan jewellery brand. Lunar James embodies the love between mother and child and in this spirit, all of Ari's pieces make the perfect Mother's Day gift. 

I've chosen the BIRTHSTONE Ring for this guide as the symbolism of birthstones makes it that bit more special. Choose your mama's own birthstone, or maybe yours. Perhaps she can even stack rings symbolising the birthstones of more than one child.

Shop the BIRTHSTONE Ring by Lunar James >>


3. PHASE Fine hoop earrings

Model wearing PHASE Fine hoop earrings in rose goldThe PHASE Fine hoop earrings by Ara the altar were designed to be put on and left on, making them the perfect jewellery piece for a busy mama who never seems to have time to sit down, never mind choose which earrings to wear!

These tiny hoops are made in solid 9ct yellow or rose gold, meaning their colour will never fade. They can be left on and forgotten about, promising to embellish every look with minimal effort.

Shop PHASE Fine hoop earrings by Ara the altar >>


4. TOUCH THE EARTH Earth Cast signet ring 6.0

Statement recycled silver ring by Jo Wood JewelleryDo you have a mama in mind who deserves a real treat? I present to you Jo Wood's Earth cast signet ring 6.0.

This truly one-of-a-kind silver ring was designed, cast, and finished by Jo herself and not so secretly, it's her favourite. While making a subtle statement, 6.0 is casual enough to be worn on the daily and with any outfit.

If you want to gift your mama something truly unique and special, then look no further.

Shop TOUCH THE EARTH Earth Cast recycled silver ring by Jo Wood >>


5. THE UNIVERSE WITHIN Universe in a Hand pendant necklace

Celestial star, moon, and hand pendant by Petite Fraise

Our final Mother's Day pick is the Universe in a Hand pendant by Petite Fraise. For me, the hand symbolises the act of reaching out and providing support. Surely an outreached hand is a symbol of motherhood?

Shop the Universe in a Hand pendant necklace by Petite Fraise >>


What's your favourite?

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