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Feathers + Wings

Handmade in London, England, UK

Feathers + Wings was created to creatively showcase beauty, grace and simplicity. Based in London, metalsmith and maker Jane Bannor specialises in creating fine jewellery and consciously crafts each of her pieces by hand.

Jane's jewellery journey began in 2014, when she spent her Tuesdays volunteering at The Waterfall, a women’s recovery group. Having taught herself how to make jewellery in her own time, Jane started teaching the women at the charity as part of their creativity sessions. This is how her love and passion for creating jewellery blossomed and so Feathers + Wings was born.

"True beauty lies within," says Jane. She believes that beauty lies in life’s precious, unique moments and it is from here that she finds inspiration. Jane creates lifetime pieces that exude light and beauty—pieces that are to be worn and passed down.

Feathers + Wings is characterised by a bohemian luxe style with a touch of minimalism, and Jane creates these pieces with the bohéme, conscious woman in mind.

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